Monday, December 13, 2010

Outgoing AJC editor says balance and transparency are keys to viability of newspapers

Julia Wallace says the all-free content model of the won't last. She says an upcoming iPad app will require a subscription and provide a print-like experience. She says the AJC will roll out a "whole portfolio of digital offerings over next year or so."


Speaking to the Rotary Club of Buckhead, Wallace, who Cox Enterprises this week promoted to a new position in Ohio, talks about her eight years as editor of the AJC, and how shedding its liberal image and becoming more transparent is helping it survive in the Internet era.

"You know when you're buying the AJC, you're getting people who have been trained in those principles and believe in those principles," Wallace says. "What separates us from the blogger who you don't know what his motivation is, is ultimately this issue, and so we have got to get it right."

Wallace says in the past six months, the number of print subscribers to the AJC has gone up for the first time in years.