Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rotarian's soldier son receives posthumous honor

"That's what this project is all about. To honor Tyler. To honor all those who've gone before," said Maj. Gen. Jerry White (retired) of the National Infantry Foundation.

1st Lt. Tyler Hall Brown, son of Buckhead Rotarian Carey Brown, was killed in Iraq in September 2004. In this podcast, Brown is inducted into the Order of Saint Maurice, the highest honor given by the foundation.

The foundation is building the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center at Patriot Park, a $91 million privately funded project being built in Columbus, Georgia, near Fort Benning, where infantrymen are trained.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Water, traffic, and property taxes to dominate 2008 Georgia legislative session

One is a Republican, one a democrat. One is in the House, the other the Senate. But both Rep. Edward Lindsey (R) and Senator Kasim Reed (D) represent metro-Atlanta districts, and they agree on several major issues affecting the metro area.

Water – The long-delayed plan to build reservoirs to capture and store water must move forward during this session. It is critical to stopping Atlanta’s national brand from eroding further.

Transportation – Atlanta can’t build or widen its roads much more, so Atlanta needs funding for creative solutions to improve the way we use our roads. Senator Reed favors a bill to allow two or more counties to create a regional sales tax to fund transportation projects specific to those counties. He prefers this approach to a state-wide one-cent sales tax, which he believes does not have enough support and would get bogged down in rural versus urban politics anyway.

Property taxes – Both support a plan to set a cap on how much the assessed value of your home can increase each year. Neither supports a freeze.

In this podcast, hear about these plus other issues including a revamping of education funding in the state and how the state might help save Grady Hospital.