Thursday, October 4, 2007

UGA AD: Women's lacrosse next NCAA sport, men's soccer must wait

UGA's next NCAA sport will likely be women's Lacrosse, says Athletic Director Damon Evans.

"We do need to add another female sport at the University of Georgia," Evans told the Buckhead Rotary Club this week. "Lacrosse is a sport that is getting great consideration."

UGA already has organized men's and women's lacrosse teams, but they are "club sports" along with paintball, karate and dozens more.

Evans said men's soccer will have to wait due to Title IX (UGA has a women's soccer team), which requires universities to try to provide athletic opportunities proportionate to the gender make up of the student body.

In this podcast, Evans explains what's next for UGA's athletics program including stronger efforts to play far flung teams like Oklahoma and Notre Dame.

Introduction by Jim Breedlove.